Friday, February 3, 2012

The Littlest Warriors

Shabbat Shalom! I recently discovered a fantastic charity blog called Craft Hope. They organize crafters to get involved with charitable donations. Their current project is making hats and bags for kids fighting cancer. Over the past year I have developed a love for crochet. When I found out about the littlest warriors project I thought it would be a great opportunity to serve and do something for children  in need. So, over the next two weeks I will be crocheting at lest 20 hats to donate. If you would like to learn more or get involved you can click here for all the details.

Thanks for stopping by! May YHWH bless you all with a restful Sabbath!

*(photo from Craft Hope blog)



  1. Hi Toose!
    I love the blog page!! So pretty, and I love the name:)
    With you all moving soon, this is how Poppi and I will be able to keep up with you and your siblings, so blog away!

    Love you with all my heart,

    P.S. I love the music you wrote.


    I'm a frequent reader of this family's blog and their youngest daughter Lucy is fighting cancer so she always wears knitted hats and things. If you feel compelled to do so you could knit her a hat or something I'm currently learning how to knit and crochet myself as a beginner.


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