Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RV living and update

The first three and a half weeks of RV living have been exciting. For our first venture we traveled to Kentucky for Family Week. The scenery through Tennessee and Kentucky was amazing! Below is a picture that I took from the front seat of our RV. I loved all the pine trees!


                               Here are some pictures from the road...

 Family week was awesome! One day my sister Rebekah ran in the camper distraught. "Rebekah, what happened?" my mother said. "Well... the children just want to talk about what they like."  At this point my mother and I were prepared to hear about who liked who and so on. My mother said "What do they like?" Rebekah responded with "Well, they like sewing and cooking and... and babies!" It was a blessing to see the purity and modesty in the camp and to spend a whole week away from the immodest  and impure world. Our family was actually one of the smaller families there. Below are some pictures from family week.


Tabernacle of David (Morning Worship)


                                                       The Wallers' bus 

One morning after worship we played a game that the Waller's creatively put together. They took everyones name tags and scattered them all over the field. The game was done in teams and each team member would run to the center of the field at the word "Go" and grab a random name tag, read the name and yell in the middle of the noisy crowd for the person. After finding the person you had to find your name tag and run back to your base. The first team with all the players back at base would raise a flag and be declared winner!   

                                       The boys enjoyed fishing with friends ....


I was able to experiment some with cooking in our convection oven. It cuts cooking time in half and cooks evenly. I think its safe to say I really like it.  It's just an ordinary oven with a fan.


We kept the Passover with two other families this year!  I learned  that each year there is always something new that we learn or see, whether it be spiritually, physically or biblically. After the passover meal my Mother and I had gone to the camper to put some things away. While doing so I expressed to her that I was unsure if I had been spiritually ready for the Passover this year due to little time in prayer. When I say this I don't mean just talking to Him but rather really spending time in His presence letting Him speak to me and teach me. I feel His presence in the quiet and when I enter into worship. I believe that quiet time in prayer, listening to the voice of YHWH and letting Him speak to me is the most important thing to start with each day. Yah has taught me that even when I'm busy that I should always take the time to stop, be quiet and listen for His voice, because so often we forget and may just miss what He has to say.


We were truly blessed to spend time with brothers and sisters in Messiah and to have a taste of what community living would be like. It was extra special to meet and spend time with Sam and Angela of Teshuva and their families and so many others! Make sure to check out my Mom's recent blog entry here on our visit and stay with our new friends on their farm.

Also a very Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

"Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity..."- Psalm 113:1



  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun there, Victoria!
    I love how beautiful Kentucky & Tennessee are!

    1. Hi Mandie~ Good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by! I'm loving your new blog :)

  2. Sounds wonderful! What a blessing the body truly is to one another : )))

    Mrs. Julie from

    1. Shalom Mrs. Julie~ Thank you for visiting me! I like your blog!

  3. What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing! It looks like y'all have been having a great time. <3

    1. Shalom Mrs. Kimberly~ Thank you!! Hope to see you soon!

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