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   The last few months have been rather eventful and I have learned so much. At the end of March we said our goodbyes to community living. It was hard, but at the same time we had really good closure. Our last day there, we were literally soaking up all the time we could. I was making a dress with my friend Melody across the street, Gregory was making leather belts with Mr. Tommy Hammer, and Mom and Dad were both in meetings with the owners of the Farm. The last 30 minutes of our time there were spent planting a peach tree with all of our community family around. We planted it at the campsite we had lived at for a year, the one where Elisheva was born. That whole day was very surreal. When it was time to go we all climbed aboard our RV and resumed our usual travel seating...we were all silent for quite some time. I think that at that moment it was all sinking in. We realized that God was sending us back out. He had given us a year long break, and in that time He taught us so much and blessed us so richly. He refined us and brought our trust in Him to a new level. I would never trade a moment of our time there for anything in the world.

We went to Family Week in April and had an amazing time! We ended up going to Kenlake a week early and staying a week late. So we had an extra two weeks of fellowship with some of the families from our congregation. I was really blessed this year to have so many wonderful opportunities to serve and feed people! I  really miss all  the fellowship and continually  having people come in and out of our tent. It was a wonderful time and I was majorly strengthened spiritually. God really spoke to me personally.
  After Family Week, we headed for Destin, FL. and had some much needed down time before things get really busy again. We spent a total of three weeks there. It was actually really hard for me to switch gears from continually going and doing to being stationary. It was a really good time for us as a family, though. We were able to really reconnect as a family and discuse the 'game plan' for the next few months. The first two weeks we were there I spent so much time in prayer crying out to God, and many times in as  much Hebrew as I could speak. I would cry for hours at night. I felt that I was on some sort of a spiritual high...I kept telling Mom, " I just can't explain it, it's like a spiritual heavieness or something." During that two week time span, I was also having vivid dreams every night. I don't have dreams all the time, but when I do it usually means something.  I think all of this is due to the fact that we are in the days leading up to Shvuot and that this is the time when the spirit is poured out. I've always prayed that the Father would speak to me during this time and He really did. I am so thankful for those two weeks because I was able to be a  Mary--rather than a Martha for a while--and sit at His feet, wait on Him,  and listen for His voice. He really does speak to us in the quiet. One night during this time I went to the bathroom to pray--yes, I know that sounds odd, but you have to understand that when living on an RV there are only so many places one can go to be alone in prayer or to have a moment to ones self. So yes, the bathroom has served the purpose of a prayer closet--and for  some reason I thought that all of my siblings were sleeping, but as it turns out one of them was still awake. I think it was Rebekah. Anyway, she turned a song on called 'Oceans (where my feet fail)' by Hillsong. Suddenly, every conversation, every event, all the good and hard times, all the miricals, all the places God has taken us, all the people we've met along the way, every blessing; it all played in my mind from the time that we said, "Here we are use us," to the time that we left the Farm.... and I began to weep. I wept more out of joy and was humbled by all that God  has done and is continuing to do in our lives.

Below are some  pictures from our  first 10 days in Destin...

Okay so, everybody always asks  how we  get such great family photos....well the pictures below are just some of 2,000 pictures taken in a span of about three hours. It was fun and  we always make lasting memories when we do photo shoots. We had a remote this year so we didn't  have to use self timer and we spared Dad from having to run to get in the picture!


                                                     Picture taking is hard on little people.

Starbucks!   Don't worry Moriyah got Decaf. 


Aren't they cute?! Moriyah took this picture on the iPad

                                                                Torah Study


                                 Isn't  that sunset gorgeous?! Credits to Gregory on this picture!

We had a lot of fun at the beach while in was really nice because during the week days there was  hardly anyone there.

While we were in Destin, our good friends, the Fitsgibbons came for a three day visit! It was a really nice visit! We had Shabbat with them, watched A Journey Home &  Betrothed, went to the beach a few times, and had some amazing fellowship. Below are some pictures from the visit.

                                                                Group picture!

                                            Watching the Wallers'  A Journey Home

The day before the Fitzgibbons left, our Grandparents, Nana and Poppy, came for a 6 day visit! We  had a very blessed time with them and made a lot of lasting memories!


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  1. It is so nice to read about how HaShem is working in your life. May He continue to bless you and guide your steps.


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